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Meet Our Staff

Some of the people you will meet at CSL


Ismara Antunes (Principal)

A warm welcome to CSL

I founded City School of Languages in 2006. CSL is an independent English language school, located in the heart of South Wales. Academic excellence is essential to us and our mission is to deliver a professional and personal service to our students. We are pleased to be accredited by a number of accreditation bodies.

Our courses are designed and delivered to develop effective reading, writing and listening skills through understanding grammar, development of vocabulary and pronunciation. This will give you the confidence you need to speak English naturally. Feeling relaxed and confident is important when learning another language, and this is part of our philosophy at CSL.

Moving to a new place to learn English can be a daunting prospect: our management staff and experienced teachers create a welcoming and friendly environment, giving you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world whilst practising your English. I hope I have given you some insight into life at City School of Languages.

We are situated in a beautiful art-deco building and I highly recommend that you come and visit us. I look forward to welcoming you to City School of Languages as one of our students.

Neil Harris (Vice Principal)

I joined City School of Languages in July 2016 as the Vice-Principal and have worked in English language teaching for nearly twenty five years, in private language schools and UK universities. I grew up near London and moved to Wales in 2009. I have always had a passion for language learning and different cultures so my work has allowed me to turn my hobby into a career. I am a fluent Italian speaker and also speak French and some Spanish.

My job at City School of Languages is to support the Principal in all aspects of the business and in particular to manage the academic and admin teams. I am lucky to work with a great group of people, all of whom work really hard to make your stay at the school memorable and successful. I have worked as a teacher, a teacher trainer and in the sales and marketing of language courses in the UK and overseas as well as being an examiner for a number of international English language exams. I am particularly interested in teacher training and academic English and have presented at a number of conferences on different aspects of English language teaching. 

Outside work, my interests include architecture, art history, travelling and reading plus of course language learning.

I really look forward to meeting you at the school soon.

Clare Howes (Senior Teacher)

I joined City School of Languages in February 2016 and work closely with the Vice-Principal to provide academic management. I have worked overseas in English language teaching for nearly fifteen years. I have lived and worked in East Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, the Falkland Islands and for the last six years I was based on the Thai / Burma border, working in refugee camps with an ethnic minority people called the Karenni. I can speak Thai and some Ki-Swahili.

I have worked as a Project Management teacher, developing and implementing projects in various developing countries, as an ESL teacher and as a teacher trainer. I have delivered Capacity Building, Conflict Resolution and Gender Issues training. I am particularly interested in development work and I feel that there is much to build on and much to achieve by developing capacity and empowerment within a community. Therefore my interests outside work include proposal writing and sourcing funds for impoverished communities in developing countries.

My hobbies include surfing (or attempting to!), painting with oil pastels, writing songs and playing the guitar. I also have a strong background in Performing Arts and am trained professionally in gymnastics and ballet.

Cristina Teixeira (Business Manager)

Hi my name is Cristina, I am the Business Manager at CSL. I was born in Portugal where I graduated in Childhood Care. I have been living in the UK for the last four years. During this period I have attained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and successfully concluded an MSc Econ in Early Childhood Studies at Swansea University. I worked as an Early Childhood Teacher in Portugal for five years and I really enjoyed working with young children and helping them in their development. The best perks of this job are being able to work with children, learning from them and watching as they make new discoveries.

I am a native speaker of Portuguese, a fluent English speaker, and a reasonable speaker of Spanish. I first became interested in working in this sector two years ago when I first started working in CSL as a Portuguese teacher. This made the route of my career change completely. When I am not working, I love walking, reading, going to the cinema and the theatre, travelling and handcraft jewellery. I wish you a warm welcome and a great time in Swansea. So come over and enjoy the delights that Swansea and CSL have to offer. I look forward to meeting you!


Diana O'Grady (International Marketing Officer)

Hello! My name is Diana and I am one of the International Marketing Officers at City School of Languages. I am based in my hometown, London where we have a remote office. I joined CSL in 2011 as Student Support Officer which was my primary role for four years and was mostly based in Swansea. Here I handled general enquiries, applications, enrolments and providing pastoral support to our students. This experience has enabled me to understand the wants and needs of our students and clients which ties in very well with my current role.

I thoroughly enjoy working for the school, it is a great place to learn, meet and interact with people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Prior to joining CSL, I worked in retail, customer services and management. I lived in Swansea for almost a decade and it is a city that is very close to my heart and I always enjoy visiting! If you have any enquiries about our school or are looking to form a partnership with us, do feel free to contact me - I am more than happy to help.

David Darbyshire (International Marketing Officer)

Hello! My name is David and I am one of the International Marketing Officers at the school. Having worked at the school for the last three years as a Welfare and Accommodation Officer, I believe this has given me a better understanding of exactly what is needed for students to have a fun, safe and secure time.

I also lived in both France and Italy for a short period of my life during university, which gave me the opportunity to visit the surrounding areas, improve my language and cultural skills and grow as a person. I can honestly say living abroad can be a daunting but really positive experience especially when you have little or no knowledge of the local language. I believe studying in Swansea is a great move because it is a small, safe city by the sea with very friendly local people. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a course and find out about the benefits of studying with us at City School of Languages, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or call me. I look forward to speaking with you.

Student & Welfare Services

Samantha James (Student Support Officer)

Hello Everyone, My name is Sam. I am the Student Support Officer here at City School of Languages. I am originally from Harrow just outside of London, but moved to Swansea at a young age, as Swansea is the birth place of my mother and she always wanted to move back. Swansea is a great city with lots to do. I finished college with qualifications in Leisure & Tourism and Sports Science, but then changed direction and my career over the last 15 years has mainly been in customer service & administration.

I am a very friendly and outgoing person, I like meeting and helping people wherever possible. My main interst outside of work is sport. I love sports, whether watching or participating. I am an avid gym goer and attend my local gym at least 5 times a week. I am also an animal lover and enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends.

I look forward to meeting all the students at the school. If I can be of any help at all, please come and ask.

Maria Simmons (Welfare & Accommodation Officer)

Hello. My name is Maria, and I am the Welfare and Accommodation Officer at City School of Languages.

I was born in Swansea and moved back here when I was 16 years old as my father was in the army. This enabled me to travel the world and see many different places.  My schooling was in a lot of countries like Canada, all around Germany and the UK, but I love Swansea and this is my home.

I decided to come to work at CSL after working at Swansea University, where I dealt with students on a daily basis.  I have always worked with people and enjoy meeting and talking to them; once I had seen the school and met the staff and students, I decided that CSL would be an enjoyable place to work. I also enjoy solving problems and that is what I am here for.

If anyone who comes to the school needs help with accommodation or any issues, then I am the person for you. I look forward to meeting you!   

Lucy John (Activities & Work Placement Officer)

Hey! My name is Lucy and I am the Activities & Work Placement Officer at CSL. I studied Education at university and after I graduated I took some time for myself to travel the world. I have travelled through a lot of South East Asia and Europe and have lived in Australia and Thailand so I understand that living and studying abroad can be a very scary and daunting experience for anyone. I love exploring new cultures and seeing things I have never seen before, so I share a lot with our students who are doing the same during their time at CSL.

Swansea is an amazing seaside town, with many interesting things to do and some fantastic views. I was born in the city so I know and understand the people and the area well and I love sharing this with the school's students as part of our Social Activities Programme, which I organise.

If you have any problems or if you have any questions, please let me know! I am here to help to ensure that your transition is comfortable and enjoyable. You will see me around the school when you arrive so come and say hello.


English Language Teachers

Joshua O'Neil  

I joined City School of Languages in August 2016, returning to Swansea where I completed my undergraduate and CELTA studies. I have developed a confident and friendly manner which allows me to build excellent rapport with students. I have experience of teaching students from a range of cultures and backgrounds, which has allowed me to develop my teaching style to enable me to connect with students to enhance their learning experience. Apart from being an EFL teacher, I also have experience working on governmental business initiatives.

I enjoy bringing technology into the classroom and am always looking for innovative ways to enhance my teaching delivery. I am currently teaching general English and IELTS and look forward to welcoming you to the school and hopefully my class very soon.

Paige Morgan

I have been teaching at City School of Languages since April 2016, and have experience teaching all general English levels, in addition to exam preparation classes, and summer school.

I have always had a passion and drive to teach, and have had the opportunity to teach students of a variety of ages and nationalities, which constantly keeps my job as a teacher challenging and exciting. Since completing my CELTA, I have been a proud member of the CSL teaching team, which has allowed me to find a comfortable and engaging teaching style which allows for learner development, and supports learners at all language levels. 

It was my travels around the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia that initially led me to study a number of languages at college and university, and allowed me to meet many inspirational teachers who now fuel my own devotion for teaching, and supporting others. I aim to achieve excellence in everything I do, and hope to motivate others in doing this. I take great pride in the classes that I teach, and hope that my passion for teaching and learning motivates students in their language journey.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.  

Rachel Monk

I have always had an interest in languages and other cultures. Born in Wales, I lived the vast majority of my childhood in Kenya. It was this experience that sparked my interest in travelling. After finishing my education, I chose to take a gap year to Namibia as a charity volunteer. Whilst there, I not only built school playgrounds but also helped to teach English at the local primary schools. This led me on to study TEFL as part of my degree at university.

After graduating, I then chose to gain a CELTA qualification before being offered work at a language school in the city of Oita, Japan. It was challenging living so far away from the UK, but I enjoyed the chance to see a different way of life and to learn Japanese. For the five years I lived in Japan, I taught mostly children with the occasional adult class. Now I am back in Wales,and currently teaching General English at the school. I enjoy creating a rapport with my students and motivating them to improve their abilities in English. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Rafifa Amal

I am an enthusiastic person who enjoys challenges and achieving personal goals. My present career is working as a teacher, teaching English and working with adults is a great opportunity. In this I'm following in my father's footsteps. I enjoy the environment and I find my work interesting and satisfying. The opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies in and out the classroom is particularly attractive to me. Positive and keen to succeed, I pick up skills quickly and try to apply them successfully, through both the use of initiative and the ability to comprehend instructions.

I get on well with my students at all levels, easily making good working relationships. I am really motivated and always ready to learn new things.

Tom Jenkins

After completing my degree in English with the Open University, I decided to take a CELTA course at Swansea University in April 2016. It was a great course and I immediately benefitted from it. Before the course I taught guitar, and this gave me a great insight into the value of teaching. Besides this, I have always been interested in languages and how they tie into their respective cultures.  

I have been working at City School of Languages since August 2016. During this time, I have become a more rounded person and I have learned to appreciate all the different cultures in the classroom. Witnessing my students communicate effectively in English is extremely rewarding. The school also gives me many opportunities for personal development and this matches my beliefs about continuous, professional improvement.

In short, I am driven by my students’ progress. Seeing them flourish and gain confidence in their English is both a tangible result of their hard work, and immensely fulfilling for me. I treat my students as individuals, in that I focus on their linguistic needs based on their different nationalities and backgrounds. I also understand my students’ struggles when learning English, as I am learning another language myself. I feel that being a learner really helps to focus my attention, and reminds me that I can learn a lot from my students. 


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