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Price List

Course, accommodation and other fees for 2017

Enrolment Fees (price per week)

Enrolment fee

£100.00 (Non-European students)

£80.00 (European students) 

Enrolment fee includes:  Morning course book for first term (please refer to course book fees for costs), certificate of completion/attendance,
internet/wi-fi access within the school, use of self-access computer room, welfare and accommodation help and advice,
administrative costs, placement test, interview and registration and visa assistance.

Course Fees (price per week)

Course Number of hours per week 1-5 weeks 6-10 weeks 11-15 weeks 16-20 weeks 21-25 weeks 26-30 weeks 31-35 weeks 36 weeks+ 
General English 17 hours £204 £200 £196 £192  £188  £184  £181  £177 
Intensive English 25 hours  £300 £294 £288  £282  £277  £271 £266  £260 
IELTS Exam Preparation* 25 hours £300  £294 £288  £282  £277  £271  £266  £260 
Cambridge Exam Preparation** 25 hours  £300 £294  £288  £282  £277  £271  £266  £260 
TOEIC Exam Preparation*** 25 hours £300 £294 £288  £282  £277 £271  £266  £260 

*General English + IELTS Exam Preparation - 17 hours of General English and 8 hours of IELTS Exam Preparation.

**General English + Cambridge Exam Preparation - 17 hours of General English and 8 hours of Cambridge Exam Preparation.
PLEASE NOTE: Cambridge Exam Preparation courses will run subject to demand or Tailor Made Groups

***General English + TOEIC Exam Preparation - 17 hours of General English and 8 hours of TOEIC Exam Preparation
PLEASE NOTE: TOEIC Exam Preparation courses will run subject to demand or in Tailor Made Groups

Please note we do NOT accept students under the age of 17 unless it is in a closed group.

General English + Work Placement

Placement Fee  Students are required to study for two weeks at the school before commencing their work placement. 
Students can either study a 17 hour General English programme or a 25 hour Intensive English programme for the two weeks.
Please refer to table above for course fees.  
Monitoring Fee The monitoring fee includes weekly presentations and company visits by a member of staff. £20 (Price per week)

Private tuition

Number of weeks  1-10 11-20 21-30 31+
Price per hour £40  £35 £30  £25

Tailor Made Courses 

All tailor Made Courses are customised and based on group needs. Please contact our Marketing Department for a specialised quote.
You can contact our Marketing Department at: 

Henrietta Street Student House

Please refer to this page for more infromation including payment schedule and terms. 

Room/Location/Type (Price per week)
Room 2 (Ground Floor Double Room) £115
Room 3 (First Floor Large Double Room) £125
Room 4 (First Floor Double Room) £115
Room 5 (First Floor Single Room) £195

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Board  City centre (price per week) Outside city centre (price per week)
Full-board (Breakfast, lunch & dinner) £145 £126 
Half-board (Breakfast & dinner)  £135 £119 
Bed and Breakfast (Breakfast) £125 £105 
Self-catering (No food included) £115 £95 

Student Residence Accommodation (Price per week)

Our student residence is available during the summer for short term stays from the 14 July 2017 until the 09 September 2017. For long term students who require student residence accommodation during the academic year, please contact us.


Summer only

44 weeks 50 weeks 51 weeks
Bronze en-suite  £122 £126  £121  -
Silver en-suite - £133 £126 -
Gold en-suite - £142 £137 
Deluxe studio - - - £155

Under 18's must receive permission from a legal guardian in order to stay in student residence accommodation. City School of Languages would recommend Homestay Accommodation for Under 18's. Students under the age of 16 are NOT allowed to stay at the student residence accommodation. Please contact us for more information.

Airport transfers

Airport Price (based on one student) 
Cardiff Airport £70 one way
Bristol Airport £140 one way 
London Heathrow Airport £210 one way
London Gatwick Airport £230 one way

For more information or options about airport transfers, please contact us.

Course Books

Please note: The morning course book for your first term's course is included in the enrolment fee. Please note that Grammar Lab is NOT included and is charged extra (£40.00). Afternoon course books are also not included in the enrolment fees.  Morning course books from Term 2 onwards are the responsibility of the student.

My Grammar Lab

Elementary Edition for Elementary

and Pre-intermediate classes


Intermediate Edition for Intermediate,

Upper Intermediate and Advanced classes  

Level book Your language level course book will last 1 level. £30-£40 approx

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