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School Policies and Procedures

School Policies and Procedures

A. Safeguarding and Prevent

Please refer to this link to view our Safeguarding and Prevent Policy.

B. Classes and attendance

  1. All students enrolling on English Language courses are tested before being placed into a class appropriate to their level.
  2. You must take full responsibility for any incorrect information sent to us regarding your language level before your course starts. This includes receiving help from others when taking our placement test. 
  3. You are expected to attend all your classes. Any absence should normally only be for illness or authorised holiday. It is your responsibility to inform the school of illness or other reasons for absence. 
  4. All students are required to have at least 85% attendance every week (or higher if required by your sponsor). You will be asked to leave a course if your attendance falls below the required 85% attendance record. City School of Languages reserves the right to remove the names of any students from the register if they fail to meet these requirements. 
  5. If you are absent from a lesson without authorised holidays or a medical certificate, you may be removed from your class register. If your return within 4 weeks of the 1st date of absence, you will be allowed back to the class, subject to availability and at the discretion of the school. No extensions or refunds will be made. 
  6. Students who are absent for over 4 weeks (excluding certified illness or holidays) will be struck off the class register. 
  7. You are encouraged to keep good time. Late arrival at the start of the class or return from breaks is disruptive to the class as a whole. Students who arrive 10 minutes late will have to wait until after the break to go into class. 
  8. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late after the break, you will be excluded from class on that day. 
  9. City School of Languages will issue you with a school leaving certificate only if satisfactory attendance has been maintained (except under exceptional circumstances). 

C. Holidays

  1. All students must book their holiday at least 1 week in advance. 
  2. Students who have paid for less than 8 weeks are NOT entitled to any authorised holidays. Holidays can be changed and / or cancelled. 
  3. Courses will not be extended if the student takes his / her holiday entitlement. 
  4. The maximum authorised holidays (applicable to English Language courses only) are:
    • 8-12 weeks of study: 1 week
    • 13-23 weeks of study: 2 weeks
    • 24-35 weeks of study: 4 weeks
    • 36+ weeks of study: 6 weeks. 
  5. Some courses have set holiday dates which cannot be changed. 

D. Discipline

  1. Whilst on the school premises, you are required to follow all of the school rules and regulations. In the case of flagrant misconduct or a proven criminal offence we reserve the right to expel any student, having given due notice. In the event of such expulsion, no refund of fees will be made.
  2. Any form of bullying, aggression, violence or abuse will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion from school.
  3. All students are expected to behave in an orderly manner. Wilful damage to the school's property or injury to personnel is considered to be gross misconduct. Students will be held personally responsible for rectifying any wilful damage to the school's property or injury to personnel in the case of such misconduct.
  4. No personal calls, messages, post and/or emails can be taken at any time by the school on behalf of its students, other than in a real emergency.
  5. It is not the responsibility of the school to provide parking or storage for the students. This includes bicycles, which should be parked outside the school at the owner's own risk.
  6. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the school building.
  7. You must keep the school tidy. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  8. You must not eat or drink in the computer room or in the classrooms.
  9. You must have the correct course book to follow the class. You will not be allowed to attend lessons if you do not have the correct course book. Courses will not be extended for any days you miss due to not having a course book. The first set of course books are included in the enrolment fee.
  10. You are required to cooperate with your teachers; failure to do so may result in your being struck off the register.
  11. Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons unless used with the teacher's permission for study reasons.

E. Exam appeals

  1. The City School of Languages aims to ensure that all assessments are fair and consistent. However, we recognise that there may be instances when a student wishes to question an examination or test result. Therefore, the Appeals Policy is designed to allow students to apply for reconsideration of a recommended grade for any assessment and aims to:
    • Review, and where appropriate implement, a decision made by the school or a teacher towards the student.
    • Review, and where appropriate revise, a decision made by the examining body towards a candidate.
    • Review, and where appropriate take action against any incident that is perceived to have gone against the school's Equal Opportunity Policy.
  2. You must apply in writing as soon as the exam or test has been taken. Appeals made in writing must therefore be received before exam and test results are published. If it is clear that you have reasonable and sufficient evidence of a grievance which has affected your results, the appeal will be upheld.

H. Complaints procedure

  1. To ensure fairness and full support, the school has put in place a strict complaints policy procedure which provides students with an opportunity to have a complaint reviewed and resolved as soon as possible. There are three levels of procedure:
    • Informal
    • Formal
    • Panel
  2. We hope that most complaints can be dealt with informally by speaking to a member of staff immediately after the offence. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally, students must then put the complaint in writing to the Principal of the school, who will then decide on the form of action to be taken following further investigation.
  3. Should the complaint still not be resolved, it will be taken to a panel. The decision will be final and will be sent to you in writing, giving a full explanation of their decision and the reasons for it.
  4. Students can be assured that complaints will be treated seriously and confidentially.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the response from the school, you can contact English UK for further advice. For private schools and language centres such as ours, English UK will attempt to mediate. If this fails, the complaint can be put to the independent ombudsman, who will issue an adjudication which is binding to the school. You can ask at reception for further information on the complaints procedure, or go to the English UK website for details on how to complain through them

I. Accountability

  1. The school is not responsible for the safe keeping or delivery of any post addressed to the student and will not be held responsible for any post that is lost or delayed.
  2. The school is not responsible for the safekeeping of exam results or certificates.
  3. City School of Languages does not take responsibility for students outside of classes, although special arrangements have been made for those under the age of 18. Please see our safeguarding information for more details. 
  4. You should not bring any children or friends on to the school premises under any circumstances.
  5. Computers are for the use of our current students only.

To view our Terms and Conditions, please refer to this link.


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