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Swansea is the perfect destination for your study abroad experience with 32 kilometers of coastal line and small friendly city with all the amenities that you will need during your stay. Swansea is also much more affordable than the big cities in the United Kingdom making your budget stretch so you can enjoy yourself even more.


If you enjoy nature, fresh air but also a vibrant city Swansea is your destination. The Gower peninsula was the first area of the United Kingdom to be designated as an area of outstanding beauty. With rolling hills surrounded by kilometers of open water, when you visit you will understand why this city is a wonderful choice for you to learn English. 


Because of the size an geography of the area, Swansea offers a wide choice of  adventure sports, from surfing to rock climbing there is something for everyone.


In addition, Swansea is a friendly University city surrounded by beautiful countryside and sits in a natural scenic harbor in the 5 mile long Swansea Bay. Swansea is famous for its large student population and vibrant atmosphere. 

As they say, pictures say more than a thousand words!  


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