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We are looking forward to welcoming you at CSL!


Planning ahead


The time for you to start your English course with CSL is approaching and we want your experience to be excellent. City School of Languages will send you a pre-departure guide and will provide you with a 24-hour telephone number and the name of a staff member who you can contact if you have any problems on your journey, or if you arrive later than planned.


Your journey plan checklist


Below is a recommended checklist of items to bring with you:

  • Your passport, with a visa or UK entry clearance (if applicable)

  • Your air ticket

  • Any recent medical or vaccination certificates (if applicable)

  • Your Offer Letter and any other documents from City School of Languages

  • Evidence you have enough funds to support yourself (e.g. recent bank statements, sponsor letter)

  • Some British currency

  • Original (or certified true copies) of any degree certificates or technical qualifications

  • Warm clothing (if possible, bring a waterproof jacket and umbrella)

  • Insurance documents

  • A list of what you are carrying in your luggage in case you have to make an insurance claim

  • If you have any prescribed drugs or medicine you are taking, please have a letter from your doctor explaining what they are

  • City School of Languages pre-departure guide

  • A reference letter from your bank in your own country - this will be useful when you come to open a bank account in the UK

  • Laptop or tablet

  • Mobile phone

  • Adapter plugs

Important information

It is important that you plan your journey from your country of origin into the UK to your final destinations and know when and where you are supposed to arrive. If you do not have the above information please contact us as soon as possible so that you can be fully prepared for your journey.

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