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Female College Students
Image by Marcus Woodbridge

Join us in Swansea


Ladies Only

What will you learn?

At CSL's General English course, you will be studying the 4 skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening) required to develop a good understanding of the language all the way to become fluent users of the language. These 4 skills will help you to enhance vocabulary and make good grammar use of the English language. 

Whether you choose the incredible experience of studying in Swansea or subscribe to the online course your confidence will improve and develop every day with practical skills in an enjoyable and culturally enriching environment.  Our classes are dynamic and varied to enhance your language skills and provide a positive experience, Our lessons involve using magazines, newspapers, music, listening exercises, watching a film and much more providing you with a variety of content. 

What will you achieve studying at CSL?

  • Develop the skills you need to use English for work, study and pleasure

  • Build your confidence

  • Immerse yourself in the English language and British culture

  • improved confidence of the language in the 4 skills: (speaking, reading, writing and listening)

Course Information: 

  • GELO 20 - 20 lessons per week (morning only - part time)

  • 5 Levels Available

 Beginner      Elementary        Pre Intermediate         Intermediate           Upper Intermediate         Advanced

  • Minimum Class Size - 4

  • Maximum Class Size - 15

  • Minimum Age - 16

  • Start any Monday (except for Bank Holidays and during the Christmas break)

  • Minimum of 2 weeks enrolment

  • ONLINE courses take place on the zoom platform

  • ONLINE courses - min 4 / max 12 per class

  • Students are expected to do 1 hour of homework daily

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