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At City School of Languages we understand the importance of our students being happy with their accommodation and having an enjoyable stay in Swansea. It is all part of the experience of studying abroad. 


All the accommodation suggested by City School of Languages is through dedicated local accommodation providers - all you need to do is let us know what you are looking for by email and we can help. 


Our team are happy to give advice and help with any questions or queries you may have with the view to identify the best accommodation for you. We always try our best to suggest accommodation that could meet all of your requirements however you will be asked to also choose a second option if there is an availability issue, especially during the summer months.

Please note that due to new regulations:

  • 18+ years old - We can help you with finding great Accommodation but it is not included in your fees and is only advice provided. This can not be paid for by/through the School - do please email us if you have any questions.

  • <18 years old -  We can provide options with your course quotation when applying. 

Please be aware all accommodation could be subject to last minute changes due to COVID regulations. 



Living with a homestay host provider

Advantages of living with a homestay host provider

  • Extra English practice 

  • A great insight into British culture 

  • The chance to make life-long friends

  • Availability all-year round

  • All of our hosts speak English

Private Accommodation


Maximum independence with your accommodation

Other types of accommodation

  • Apartments

  • Student Residence 

  • Shared Rooms

  • Hotels and B&Bs

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