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Do you want to find about about your English Level and what courses would be suitable to your level? 

Just take our English Placement test for free and we will inform you of the suitable options according to the results achieved. By taking CSL English Test you are not committed to any course at this stage. So don't worry and find out what your options are based on your current English level. 

What is involved on this FREE English test?

30 questions which will take you approximately 15 minutes to answer 

1 small essay max of 100 words - approximately 15 minutes to complete

We advise you to allow for 30 minutes in total, in case you want to change any answers. 

Can I check or change my answers?

You will be able to go back to previous questions before you submit. Once you submit the test you are not able to make any changes.


What happens after I complete my English test?

​A member of our team will email you the results of your on line test within 24 hours and we will also let you know what suitable options of English Courses is available to you at City School of Languages..

If you decide to enrol with us we will also carry out an oral test to confirm your English level on speaking and listening. This test would take place on your first day at our school. This is to ensure you are placed at the most suitable class for all 4 abilities (listening, speaking, writing and speaking)

Complete your FREE English Test
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