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Join us in Swansea


What will you learn?


Do you want and need to understand how to study effectively in a UK university?

Our Pre-Masters and Pre Sessional English Courses are intensive and focused on academic format. The course is  intended for international students who are planning to study a graduate degree in the UK and do not meet the English language requirement or wish to enhance their language effectiveness and develop academic writing, presentation and research skills. 


As well as developing your academic English the course also aims to help you understand British University Life and Culture and to develop a number of language skills that will support your academic success.

What will you achieve studying at CSL?

  • Research skills:    how to find good sources for your assignments

  • Study Skills:          how to make the most of your time at university in the UK

  • Reading:                how to read an academic journal or textbook successfully

  • Writing:                  how to include your own and published ideas in a well-structured way, including referencing                                  and paraphrasing skills

  • Listening:              how to make effective notes in lectures and understand what you hear better

  • Speaking:             how to make effective oral presentations on your own and in small groups

  • Academic language skills: Academic English use

  • Critical Thinking skills 

  • Organisational skills

Course Information: 

  • Pre Masters (12 weeks)           Start date TBC for 2023 - Entry requirements 4.5 IELTS or equivalent

  • Pre Sessional (8 weeks)         Start date TBC for 2023 - Entry requirements 5.0 IELTS or equivalent

  • Pre Sessional (10 weeks)       Start date TBC for 2023 - Entry requirements 5.5 IELTS or equivalent


  • Minimum Class Size - 4

  • Maximum Class Size - 12

  • Minimum Age - 18

  • Students are expected to do 1 hour of homework daily


Don’t have the required IELTS score?

Don't worry!


You can join our IELTS course to improve your level. Alternatively, get in touch so that we can discuss options available

With your dedication and our support we are confident that you can progress at a pace. 

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